Sunday, July 20, 2008

my dad's a star

ever since i was little.. i always remember my dad playing softball in the church softball league that is organized in this area.. i remember the time when my dad was the coach of the team.. and i tried to fall into the habit of calling him "coach".. but "daddy" always seemed to slip out before i could remember to say "coach" :)

this season started and my dad wasn't able to play at the beginning because of a few injuries he had from work.. but finally about 2 weeks ago.. he put on that old red shirt.. pulled out his spikes.. and headed off to the field..

until he got back into the swing of things.. he just played umpire.. but he ended out the game by playing first base..

my dad plays on the same team that my uncle plays on.. and so here's malachi my cousin looking on at the game.. probably wishing he was old enough to be out there..

here's my uncle paul..

hehe here's my daddy :)

i actually think that one of my cousins took this picture.. but i honestly can't remember :)

prayer after the game..

hehe i love this shot of eli after the game.. as soon as the game was over.. my cousins zeb.. malachi.. and nate run onto the field and play -- they run the bases.. toss balls back and forth to each other.. even try to hit a few.. and eli wanted in on the fun too.. he just wasn't sure how to go about it.. and thus i got this look :)

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