Wednesday, August 6, 2008

day 1 of family vacation 2008

today officially kicked off my family's vacation for this year !! today was our community picnic at idlewild park :) so we spent the day riding rides.. eating lots of goodies.. playing games.. and soaking in the beautiful weather..

oh.. and it may seem like every picture is of either stephen or ruby or both.. that's because they were my models for the day :)

here we are going into storybook forest..

ruby trying to pull the sword out of the stone..

mirror, mirror on the wall.. who's the fairest of them all?

stephen, me, and ruby posing under jack who is jumping over the candlestick..

ruby & i with humpty dumpty :)

they're definitely the cutest brother & sister out there..

me & ellen on the train..

i love this picture.. i love how ruby's leaning over the seat to get up real close to stephen to find out what he's looking at :)

my favorite daniel striped tiger on the mr. roger's neighborhood ride..

the round-up during the day..

this makes me happy =D

mwaha this is the picture i got off the ferris wheel.. which was not allowed.. (i was told that i wasn't allowed to take pictures while ON the ride..) but shhh.. don't tell anyone..

of course.. at 7pm comes our favorite event of the day.. when daddy stands up on stage and gives away all the prizes donated for the event :)

yummy golden sunlight..

the round-up at night..

tomorrow morning we leave for the beach !!

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