Sunday, August 10, 2008

day 5 of family vacation 2008

sunday was spent going to church on the island.. which was kinda funny.. we pulled into the parking lot.. and climbing out of the van next to us was a guy that my dad plays softball with along with his entire family.. it was funny because we had just been talking about how there are so many people down here.. yet we never see anyone we know.. and we pulled into the church parking lot and there was a guy my dad knows :)

after church we had to grab a quick family portrait :)

while cooking lunch.. we went for a quick swim in the pool..

then after a little bit of rain we headed down to the beach..

mom relaxing..

after the rain.. the sun did come out for a little bit..

the water was really warm !

haha ellen and amy being crazy sisters :)

my handsome brother..

steve wasn't too sure about the water tho' :)

daddy went wayyy out..

i buried ruby.. she thought it was funny that we had so much sand to do so :)

the 3 oldest eichelberger girls..

beautiful sunset.. taken off of our top deck..

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