Thursday, August 14, 2008

day 9 of family vacation 2008

thursday was our major relaxation day.. we spent most of the day on the beach.. took a break to eat.. and then ended up back on the beach until the sun set.. :)

yeah.. we caught this guy on the way to the beach.. well.. when i say "we" i really mean "stephen and daddy" because i had no part in catching him.. lol

the waves were HUGE.. i'm not sure what it was.. but it was PERFECT boogie-boarding weather..

me teaching stephen how to boogie-board..

like i said.. the waves were huge..

mom says the caption for this should be.. 'no shoes.. no shirt.. no problems' :)

a look at the beach..

yeah.. it was rough out..



steve.. who by the end of the day was gettin' pretty brave..


then we shot some portraits.. we weren't exactly planning on doing this.. but we were on the beach for the perfect sunlight and we just kinda did it..






the entire family..

haha.. when we were on the beach at this time.. the tide was coming in and so amy and i built this wall to keep out the tide.. it worked marvelously.. until ruby decided to climb all over it.. i think she was directing an orchestra or something here :)

a quick shot of mum and daddy..

the sunset.. as the amazing ending to a very relaxing day..

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