Wednesday, August 13, 2008

day 8 of family vacation 2008

thursday was a really nasty day as far as beach weather goes.. it was super cloudy and spitting rain all day long.. so it was perfect that we had scheduled a tour on the four-wheel drive beach to see the wild horses that live there..

it was a 2 hour long tour and the tour-guide we had was amazing.. he said that he had grown up on these beaches and so he was brimming with history and information..

we got to see some horses really close !!

this was my favorite pony to see.. she was so pretty and small !!

one of the stallions..

another.. older.. pony..

this is our tour-guide's favorite horse..

another mother and pony.. so pretty..

so yeah.. see how nasty the sky looks? it looked like this all day long..

after our tour.. we visited the highest sand dune on the eastern coast..

doesn't it look like we're in the middle of a dessert?

ruby climbing back up the dune.. it was approximately 100 ft. high..

another shot that looks like we're in the middle of a dessert :)

and here's amy's play on the whole dessert scene..

after hiking thru the dunes.. we had dinner and did some shopping.. and on the way home we saw this sunset over the sound..

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