Monday, August 11, 2008

day 6 of family vacation 2008

monday begun on the beach..

amy and i dug this huge hole..

ellen and i standing in the hole :)

my handsome little bro..

as much as ruby loves the beach.. she's still very skeptical about the water..

emma however.. has no fear..

amy and emma catching some waves..

steve building castles..

on the way back from the beach we say this beautiful egret..

after relaxing on the beach all morning.. then heading back to the house for lunch.. we drove over to the currituck lighthouse..

we climbed to the top.. all 260+ stairs.. gotta love the spiral stairs !!

the view from the top.. i believe this is looking north.. i could be wrong tho'.. i do know that the sound is on the left and the ocean is on the right..

the view looking the other direction.. again i believe this is looking south.. the ocean on the left and the sound on the right..

the view was gorgeous.. but the sunset was amazing at that moment that we were at the top..

here we all are.. all of us who climbed to the top anyway..

ellen stayed at the bottom.. she was suffering from a bit of a headache.. plus ellen hates heights :)

it was so cool..

stephen and ruby.. the little monkeys..

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