Friday, August 15, 2008

day 10 of family vacation 2008

this morning i was up to see the sunrise.. the first time i tried to catch it was wednesday morning.. and it was too cloudy.. you couldn't even see the sun at all.. so i was determined to see the sun rise over the ocean.. so i was up again this morning..

walking to the beach at 5:50am..

there's the sun :)

on the way back.. the water in the "lake" was so still that the reflexion of the houses was perfect !!

emma.. walking down to the beach for the last time to swim..

haha this picture is so funny that mom got.. i walked out to the sandbar with ruby and steve and we just kinda caught some waves for a while.. and mom got this while we were out there :)

we wanted to walk back down to the beach one last time before we left..

the "plan" was to walk down and pick up a few shells.. and just walk along the beach until it got dark.. but as we got closer to the beach we realized this huge storm was brewing.. the clouds were so weird looking !

as we finally decided to walk back.. it got looking pretty nasty..

here's the storm creeping up on the moon.. kinda scary..

and thus ends our vacation to the outer banks.. tomorrow morning we wake up early to head out.. we'll drive half way tomorrow and then be home sunday night :)

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