Saturday, August 16, 2008

how it all started ..

even tho' we were "officially" on vacation from wednesday, aug. 6 until sunday, aug. 17.. vacation seemed to start for me the weekend before.. when derrick came down from phoenixville to spend the weekend with my family.. we had an amazing time.. so much fun.. yet it all went by so fast..

thursday was the ice cream social at my house.. derrick and paul were our sling-shot holders while the kids shot off water balloons..

so after derrick came down on thursday night.. we left friday morning for the lake.. spent all day friday swimming.. canoing.. and just chillin' down by the lake.. then saturday morning we went to swallow falls -- and after we got 4.5 inches of rain friday night -- the falls were absolutely bursting with water.. we have NEVER seen so much water !!

snapped a quick shot of derrick :)

stephen.. such a little monkey :)

mum sat us all down for several "group" shots.. this is one of them :)

this is derrick making me nervous.. he was standing IN the falls.. as in.. another 3-4 steps backward and he would have been standing in the middle of swallow falls.. ugh.. he claims that it wasn't slippery at all.. *shrugs*

this is a little frog we found.. lol

i think you really had to be there to realize how huge this was.. but normally there is a beach and room to wade in this pool under trolliver falls (a couple posts back i posted about when naomi & paul.. and the nelms' family came down.. there are pictures in that post about what trolliver falls normally looks like) anyways.. we couldn't even get off the trail or we would have been IN the water.. crazy stuff..

sunday on the way home.. we stopped at jumonville and hiked up to the cross.. it was a beautiful sunny day..

i think he was pretending to be a model :)

did i mention that the day was beautiful ?

so yeah.. it was an amazing weekend.. went way too fast.. and i can't wait until we can do it again..

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