Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.. the before =D

SO, let's start at the very beginning :)

I caught Maddy jumping out of the car & running into the church. She was so excited ! Her Mommy was marrying this amazing man named Justin today ! =D

A few more detail shots : the rings

Alicia's gorgeous dress !!

Before putting on her dress, Alicia helped Maddy - such a sweet moment :)

Maddy is a completely gorgeous little girl - definitely her Mommy's girl.

I LOVED Alicia's hair - so gorgeous ! She really didn't get emotional as in crying while putting on her dress - she was so excited ! She kept letting out little screams and then covering her mouth and going "I'm so sorry ! But I'm just so excited !!" =D

A few people got sneak peaks of Alicia in her dress : Larissa & Cheri came up to pray for her

Catching a glimpse in the mirror.

Like I said, she was SO excited the whole time she was getting ready !

Utterly gorgeous too

This is Alicia's Grandma who came up to see her - and complete a special tradition in Alicia's family.

She sewed a piece of red thread into the hem of Alicia's dress

A little more prayer ..


A hug from Mom.. and she was ready to go !


  1. she's really pretty!! and the little girl is adorable!!! hehe!! i love her dress too!!

  2. WONDERFUL pictures! Love her hair, too!!!! And the lil girl w/o teeth looking so pretty!