Saturday, November 7, 2009

Penguins at the Library

I was in bed, gloriously sleeping in on a Saturday morning, when I heard the bedroom door slooowly open and I heard a little person creep quietly into my room. I opened my eyes to see Ruby standing at the side of my bed. I smiled at her and she whispered, "Kara, can you take me to go see the penguins at the library?"
Now, how does anyone say no to such a sweet little request? So, I said "Sure." She yelled "YES!" and turning around, disappeared out the door.

The National Aviary of Pittsburgh came to the Norwin Public Library this morning to do a presentation on some of it's birds. The place was packed !! It was such a great turnout.

This is Gonzo the Parrot :)

The kids loved him - he could do all sorts of sounds and say all kinds of things.

Next, she brought out Franklin the Owl. He wasn't out long - all the people kinda spooked him.

And this is Simon the Penguin - who everyone came to see :)

I have to admit I was rather excited to see a penguin this close !!

And, I also have to admit that : his name is Simon? And every time she would say his name, all I could think about was one of my managers back at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom who's name was also - Simon =D I'm sure he would enjoy the fact that the penguin reminded me of him.

I also stole some photos of kids that were there - this little guy was so handsome. I LOVE his hair !!

What a cutie - he didn't care too much about the birds though, he was just happy to suck on his sippy-cup.

Toward the end, I think most of the little little kids were getting a little tired.

AGH ! Don't you just want to gobble this little guy's great big eyes all up ??

haha - and probably my favorite :)

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  1. hehe love the last little kid!! hehe!! awesome shots!! i wanted to go!!