Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Round 2 - The Blizzard

The snow continues to fall - after the 21 inches we received last weekend, we got an additional 6 inches last night. And then throughout today - we probably accumulated about another 6 or so inches.

Things have basically shut down around here. The roads are just plain scary - with the main roads looking like this: and the roads off of the main roads have barely been touched.

It's pretty epic =D
And everyone is loving it !

When I got home from work today [talk about being super thankful that I work for my Dad and I can ride with him so I don't have to drive !!] I took my camera outside - and Ruby did some modeling for me :)

She has the PRETTIEST eyelashes ever !!

Zeb rigged up the trike so pull the sleds around. He couldn't go off the driveway - but we have a lot of driveway - so they got to do some sledding - the modern way !! Sure beats the long walk UP the hill after sliding down anyway !

And then, while Zeb was working on the trike, Uncle Paul was outside supervising. After he got the trike up and running - of course he loaded the first person on the sled and everyone went running after him as he took off - leaving Uncle Paul & Eli standing there.

I was in photographer's heaven spying at them through the windows of our porch :) My heart began to pound and I got SO excited when I realized that I was about to capture the most precious moment ever:

Yeah - that gives me warm & fuzzies =D
I want to print it out and hang it on my wall and look at it all the time.

It is moments like THAT - totally un-manufactured and un-planned - that make me LOVE photography. That is a moment they can now cherish forever, thanks to a photograph.

I can't wait to show Aunt Dawn those photos =D

Oh, and I wasn't the only one spying - poor Buzzy wanted to go outside so bad. He watched out the window all day, crying because he was left out. Sorry Buzz.

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