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the derrick + kara story


hi everyone ! derrick & i had our engagement photos taken about a month ago, and ever since i have gotten them back i have REALLY wanted to show them off .. but i wasn't exactly sure how to do it - so when my matron of honor asked me to write out derrick & i's story for the bridal shower - i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a bit of our story & the photos at the same time ! OH and i got the post all ready in time for valentine's day too =D *happy valentine's day derrick !! I LOVE YOU ! =D

all of the photos were taken by one of my bridesmaid's: tiffany - she has her own photography business and you can see her website here : tjz creations and you can follow her blog here : tjz creations blog :) she's really absolutely fabulous and she did an outstanding job with our photos !! we were so happy with how they turned out :)

oh.. and for everyone who is reading this who will be attending one of my bridal showers - sorry for you hearing our story twice =D i think it's good enough to hear a second time tho' =D

but anyway.. on with the show]]


once upon a time, in a far away land – a princess lived in a shining castle.

okay, not really, but it sounded like a fun way to start our story!

we met simply because two people fell in love. derrick’s brother: paul & kara’s best friend: naomi met, became friends, started dating, became best friends, fell in love, & decided to get married. and for their wedding, they asked derrick to be their best man, & kara to be their maid of honor.

sounds a little bit like a movie, right?

paul & naomi had so much fun teasing kara about her partner for the wedding. they kept promising that on their wedding day – they were going to hook us up. little did any of us realize (or it would have made the perfect argument on kara’s part) that paul & naomi would have little else on their minds but each other on that day.

the day of the rehearsal arrived. derrick & kara met for the first time in paul & naomi’s kitchen. he was trying on his tux for the next day & she was eating a subway sandwich. it wasn’t love at first sight & no angels sang. derrick didn’t even remember kara’s name, as later on that evening he had to ask to be reminded.

the morning of may 31 dawned bright & early. two people were going to pledge their lives to each other this morning. everything went so fast. before you knew it, everyone was prettied up, dressed, photographed, the ceremony took place, & bam – kara’s best friend was now derrick’s brother’s wife.

the reception began, & taking derrick’s arm, we were announced as ‘kara eichelberger, escorted by derrick abbey.’ i can still hear the DJ saying those words (oh & the video we have of the moment probably helps too). we sat down at the head table, gave our toasts, had lunch, & then it was time to dance. paul & naomi had their first dance & then the DJ called the bridal party to join them on the dance floor.

this is where our story gets a little comical. neither of us had any clue how to slow dance : we didn’t know where to put our hands, how to move, or how to not step on each other’s feet. awkward! we kind of, sort of, started our own version of dancing & we must have been a great sight. this 6’4” giant was towering over his 5’2” partner & we were attempting to just fade into the group so no one would notice our awkwardness. well, we failed. derrick’s aunt came over & much to everyone’s delight, gave us a few pointers. we laughed & blushed & shrugged it off.

it definitely had the potential of being the most horrible 3 minutes of our lives – but it was during that time that we began talking – about who knows what. derrick later said that kara’s eyes were ‘shining.’

the dance ended & the reception went on. derrick did ask kara to dance again – & they did – still clueless, but just enjoying making small talk & before we knew it, the reception was winding down & people began to leave. derrick had to drive 4 hours that night to get back to college & he found kara on his way out to ask for her phone number.

she was utterly shocked & surprised, & after standing there for a moment with her mouth hanging open, she was able to say the words: ‘you have to ask my dad.’ taken back himself, derrick said ‘okay’ & disappeared.

kara half thought he’d never do it & assumed he had just left, but a few moments later he reappeared – with a big smile on his face. instead of a phone number, he had been granted permission to get an email address (that was cheaper). completely shocked again, kara gave him her address. they hugged awkwardly & then he left.

over the next month they corresponded back & forth by email & at the end of june, derrick asked if kara could come up to his parent’s house for the july 4th weekend. thus started the routine of once a month weekends that they would spend with each other. oh, & he got her phone number then & thus started the daily phone calls!

in january, kara moved to florida to work at disney world. she was supposed to be there from january through may, but when offered an extension, she took it & stayed until august. their relationship continued from 1,000 miles apart.

when derrick flew down in august to help drive kara home, they spent a weekend with some of derrick’s family. on saturday, they attempted to find a beach, but that turned into a bit of a disaster. derrick’s parents used to live in that area & derrick spent one summer there. so, he took her to a state park that he knew was beautiful, called rainbow springs. they came across a secluded wooden bridge that spanned a small waterfall. it was on that bridge, that derrick got down on one knee & asked kara to spend the rest of her life with him.

you already know the answer to that question: she said yes.

needless to say, they had lots of things to talk about the next day as they drove 16 hours up the east coast. and so they began the crazy process of planning a wedding – a marriage – & the beginning of their lives together.

thank you so much for your involvement & support in our lives. we’re so excited to join our lives together & can’t wait to have you celebrate with us in april!

love, derrick & kara

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  1. lovely dear just lovely! praying for you everyday and all that the future holds for you to as you embark on this journey called "life"