Monday, April 14, 2008


the bridal shower favors are finally done !! they turned out differently than i had originally planned.. the whole thing (hershey kisses, cupcake liner & all) was supposed to be wrapped up in the tulle.. but.. as you can see.. they didn't exactly come out that way.. but that's okay.. i like them better this way.. :)

and no.. i haven't been working on these things since my last post about them.. i couldn't stand them being on my bedroom floor like they were.. so after i took the pictures in the previous post.. i cleaned them all up until i was ready to dedicate a few hours to putting them together.. now.. i just have to figure out what to do with them all until saturday (so they don't drive me nuts being all over my bedroom floor) !!

countdown until the bridal shower: 5 days
countdown until the wedding: 47 days


  1. how many were there?

  2. sorry, how many favors were their?
    (i think i spelled their wrong! opps!)