Sunday, April 6, 2008

hello dolly

this afternoon i took a few of my sisters and we drove out to yough to see my friend amy as dolly in 'hello dolly'.. amy was incredible as we all knew she would be.. but she really was spectacular..

hehe isn't she gorgeous?

i think this is my favorite picture.. he's reading her card that says "Mrs. Dolly Levi, 28 and 3/4 year old chief clerks taught how to dance.."

haha i love amy's face watching this dude jump all over the stage..

isn't she radiant? lol

"if you really want to be really elegant.. you walk.."

haha "have some more beets they're delicious" "i hate beets"


  1. you spelled beets wrong!!!!!
    Laughs hysterically till dies on floor!

  2. >.< thanks ellen..
    you know i'm a horrid speller..
    i can't believe i did THAT tho..

    i fixed it.. :)

  3. ellen your wierd!!
    i love the pic. were the guy is jumping in midair!!