Wednesday, April 16, 2008

playground shoot

we got to church tonight and the only people there were the parkers and the millers.. it was a gorgeous night with the sun going down.. the colors of everything just standing out so vibrantly.. so i pulled out my camera and walked out onto the playground.. at first it was a bit of a game.. who could pose for the CUTEST shot ever and then just as kara was about to snap it.. RUN AWAY.. but then they all got addicted to the camera's attention and soon they were all running around yelling "KARA take a picture of ME" haha

it kinda turned into a parker family 5 minute photo-shoot tho'.. most of the pictures i got were of the parker kids and i only took pictures for about 5 minutes before it was time to go in and for church to start.. it was soo fun tho'..

stephen (no he's not a parker.. but i had to throw it in because he's so cute!) i LOVE how green the grass is.. contrasted by how yellow the slide is..

david climbed up to the top of the treehouse.. i couldn't BELIEVE how blue the sky was.. you can't really ask for a better background..

not to be outdone by his younger brother.. zach then had to climb up and pose :)

okay so this isn't a parker either.. i liked this picture of ruby tho'.. i was lovin' the green grass..

i. love. this. picture.
just the whole look of it.. the bright yellow slide and the clear amazing blue sky.. the INNOCENT smile on david's face.. hehe love it !!

precious picture of abby.. isn't she CUTE?

haha david again.. you'd never know that he was the one being the stinker and running from my camera from all the cool shots i got of him !!

livy and zach's in the background.. see my shadow? oops =X

david.. again.. i could not resist it tho' with such a blue sky as a background.. incredible stuff.. and he was totally willing to climb up on top of everything to GIVE me my blue sky background too !!

abby again.. check out those dimples !!

once again.. zach could not be outdone by his little brother.. so he had to climb up on top of the monkey bars too..

haha abby..

check out his air !! wowsers.. yes.. he jumped off the fence.. but still.. awesome pose for me :)

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