Wednesday, April 23, 2008

another date night

ooookay.. so now it seems to be turning into some event.. go with kara somewhere.. then go out to mcdonalds afterward..

so tuesday night.. i took amy and we went up to norwin high school to see the boys volleyball game (pictures coming soon).. anyway.. afterward.. we decided we were both hungry and so we stopped at mcdonalds.. conviniently sitting in almost the exact same booth as ruby & i sat at a few weeks ago..

ammyy kate.. yes so i splurged and let her get whatever she wanted.. as evidenced by the oreo mcflurry and the big mac in her hands..

haha this was the only thing i liked about taking ruby.. she couldn't steal my camera and take pictures of ME.. :)

ookay.. so we BOTH went a little crazy and got big macs.. hey.. i've only ever had like 1 big mac before in my life.. you gotta live SOMETIME..

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