Saturday, April 5, 2008

ellen is 15 ?

how in the world did this happen? didn't *i* just turn 15? how could my little sister ellen be 15 years old already?

there she is.. the beautiful birthday girl.. almost setting the cake on fire with all her candles.. hehe

my lovely mother cutting the cake..

hehe the crazy cousins.. aren't they absolutely adorable tho'? oh.. and notice anything different about this picture? no? here.. i'll give you a close up:

do you see it yet? mal lost one of his top front teeth tonight ! hehe he's sooo adorable :)


emma and lydia..

i think this is absolutely adorable.. ruby was sitting at her little table since there was no room left at the big table.. and nate moved from where he was sitting with the boys.. to sit beside ruby !! SOO cute !

ellen laughing at uncle paul's comments written in the card..

ruby and eli were playing with the jack-in-the-box soo nice..

my mother.. can you believe she is sitting up there ?! *gasp*

the beautiful birthday girl after a successful party.. eek.. that means the next birthday party will be celebrating her 16th !! how is that possible?

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