Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the bridal shower

BEWARE: long post ahead..

here they are ! the beautiful bride and the.. hmm.. groom :)
hehe i said.. "guys.. sit together and look at me.. pretend like you kinda sorta love each other" and paul goes "well i don't have to pretend kara".. awww.. isn't he sweet? lol

oh hey.. there's me.. o.O

haha gotta love colleen's LIPS.. =P

mrs. westerman and naomi talkin' to my mom and ellen..

lookin' over the cake..

i love how everyone was in white !
colleen.. myriam.. mrs. westerman.. naomi.. autumn.. and mrs. abbey..

the little one is sidney.. one of naomi's flower girls.. and the other is esther.. naomi's sister..

isn't she beautiful?

autumn.. naomi's sister.. and one of the bridesmaids..

haha this was so funny.. because as soon as paul walked in.. 3 women--his mom, naomi, and her mom-- all rushed over to fix his collar !!

aww.. aren't they cute? i can't wait to do a shoot for them :)

paul's mom and dad..
mrs. abby is the SWEETEST ever.. and his dad is just hysterical..

autumn.. passing out tickets for the chinese auction..

alright.. this is sidney, jasmine, and esther.. sidney and jasmine are the 2 flower girls.. aren't they ADORABLE ?!

eating.. what paul called "women food".. in other words.. our meal was devoid of steak, hamburger, or any type of red meat for that matter..

hehe the many faces of naomi <3

playing games :)

haha we played this game to see how well the bride and groom knew each other.. it was pretty funny :)

colleen cutting the cake.. she made the first cut and then looked around and said "wait a minute.. how did *i* get volunteered to cut this thing?" lol

naomi and a baby.. not sure who.. =X


this was SO funny.. naomi pulled out all these plastic storage containers in different shapes and sizes.. and every time she pulled one out of the bag she would gasp and go "omigosh HONEY ! LOOK they are PINK !" we were all laughin' SO hard..

yeah.. paul was WAYY into reading the M&M cookbook naomi got..

and if he would have been smart.. he would have kept reading it.. he was totally innocent and clueless as to what was in the next present.. but see.. colleen and melissa (in the far left of the picture knew)

haha look at him.. he's all embarrassed =D

we laughed really hard.. for a really long time.. see how red paul's face is? hehe poor guy.. he was warned that bridal showers are for GIRLS ONLY !!

hehe poor guy.. he WAS warned tho'..

anyway.. he did recover.. enough to give me THIS great face !! :)

haha love it..

alright well.. naomi should have researched into bridal shower traditions.. she didn't know that she was supposed to give me all the bows and ribbons so i could make her her "practice" bouquet to use at the rehearsal.. nor did she know that she was supposed to break the ribbons on her presents.. that legend is that however many ribbons you break at your bridal shower is the number of children you will have.. so of course.. by the end when we told her this.. she was breaking all of the ribbons she could :)

i honestly don't know how i got this picture.. i was laughing SO HARD.. i can't believe i held still enough to get this.. hehe.. yesss paul is WACKED OUT.. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !!

instead of doing a hundred individual prizes for the games.. we did a chinese auction.. it turned out really nice..

jasmine delivering a gift won..

and here we are.. the maid of honor.. the bride.. and the bridesmaid.. after a very successful and FUN shower :)

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