Saturday, March 10, 2012

Larissa [Maternity Portraits, Towanda, PA]

Okay okay, so if you've seen any part of American Idol in the last 2 seasons where Jennifer Lopez has been on the show, you've probably heard her squeal out "Goosies!" after a particularly good performance - letting everyone in the audience know that that person was so amazing that they just gave Jennifer Lopez goose-bumps.

It may seem totally self-centered, but Larrisa's maternity session made me want to jump up and down and squeal "Goosies!!" over and over again.

From the moment I found out my good friends were expecting their first baby [it's a boy and his name is Sidney!] I began looking forward to shooting maternity pictures of Larissa. And, the closer we got to her due date, and the more we began to talk about the photos, I almost couldn't contain myself. I was so looking forward to capturing this amazing time in my AMAZING friend's life - and I am so incredibly thrilled with how the photos turned out!!

We knew from the beginning that we weren't going to do the traditional "naked belly" photos - we wanted a more natural, laid back, and quiet approach. We threw the world "tranquil" around, wanted to show off the happiness & anticipation, but overall wanted the images to be beautiful - and I think we completely succeeded :)

See for yourself - and we're already planning newborn photos for when Mr. Sidney decides to arrive sometime around the end of April!

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