Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Josiah [newborn portraits, Sayre, PA]

I seem to be in the spot of my life where my friends are all beginning to get married and have babies.
Wait - what?! Babies?!
Yes, babies :)
And they are all soo cute :) From my most handsomest nephew - da man PJ [who's Easter photos I am so close to being finished editing! WOOT wait till you see his adorableness!] - to the newest baby to be added - meet Mr. Josiah.

First off tho', remember Jeana & Sam? They definitely have to win the award for being the sweetest couple - they are so adorable together. When we first met these cute kids [yeah because I refuse to be at the age where I refer to my contemporaries as "adults"] they had just found out that they were going to have this little peanut in a few months! 

In other words, up to this point, the entire length of our relationship - we have known Jeana to only be pregnant :D
SO - it was incredibly exciting to finally meet this little man we have been anxiously waiting to meet for the last 9 months!! 

Don't let his sweet pictures fool you though - even tho' this guy was barely 10 days new when I took his photos, he was on the move! He was quite the little squirmy worm - and was constantly making us laugh by his little antics and his funny faces! Oh my, he's gonna be quite a little ham I think and I can't wait to watch him grow!!

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