Friday, November 23, 2007


the famous Eichelberger family portrait for the year 2007.. notice all of the Steve Eichelberger family is wearing dark red.. all of the Paul Eichelberger family is wearing green.. and my grandparents are in white :) clever.. aren't we?

these are the punching gloves that nate got for his birthday (which is today!) zeb decided to challenge his uncle steve to a boxing match..

my mother.. <3

eli just learned to walk within the past week !! look at him showin' off his stuff :)

daddy found himself a new friend.. this is steve and angie's little girl: savannah

and a close of of savannah.. isn't she adorable?

uncle paul had to put the boxing gloves on eli.. they were so huge he could barely hold them up!!

somebody was hungry !! i love the face eli is making !! lol

me and amy..

grandpa and uncle paul.. i like this picture of my grandpa.. his pictures always seem to turn out weird.. but this is what he normally looks like: happy :)

this is baby dakota (aunt dawn's brother doug & belinda's new baby girl) and shannon is holding her (aunt dawn's brother steve & angie's little girl)

meme trying to take a picture of me.. tsk tsk.. doesn't she know that i hide behind the camera taking pictures for a reason?

ruby was excited :)

i love my little siblings.. amy, steve, emma, and ruby.. they are so cute !!!

this is a HORRIBLE picture of me.. but i LOVE the face daddy was making !! absolutely priceless..

ruby hugging eli.. haha can't get much better than those faces :)

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