Tuesday, September 1, 2009

.. boo :)

so :)
i guess a lot has happened since the last time i posted a blog..
i know.. shame shame.. i haven't blogged in a long time..
but my life has been busy ! seriously !

since the last time i blogged ::
i completed my internship with disney
worked my last days in the water parks..
packed up my entire life and stuffed it all into my car..
said a very painful goodbye to all my friends in Florida..
got engaged =0
drove 16 hours home with my fiance..
spread all the good news around to my family..
moved into my new room for 8 months..
started a new job..
and am trying to settle back into life with my family..

so yeah.. i've been busy.. but of course.. the most amazing thing that's happened in the last month was having my boyfriend propose & trying to get into my thick head that i'm now engaged :)

it's the hardest thing to believe.. seriously.. i've dreampt about it since i was a little girl.. i've fantasized about how it would happen.. and i even had the feeling that this was coming !! but.. if this ring wasn't on my finger.. i think i would have laughed and given it all up as a dream a long time ago..

but the ring remains.. and serves as a constant reminder that i'm getting married..

and the ring is beautiful.. let me tell you.. or better yet.. show you ::

so.. i can promise and swear up and down that i'll start blogging regularly again.. but.. who knows what will happen in the next few weeks and months ??

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