Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010 !

Everyone else is posting their favorite images from 2009, so I figured why not jump on the wagon and follow suit?

2009 was a fantastic year in my life! I did so many things for the first time, made so many memories & met so many amazing people! I moved away from home [1,000 far miles away] and lived on my own for most of the year. I worked at the "happiest place on earth" for 8 months and soaked in all the sunshine & heat Florida had to offer. I worked crazy hours, learned how to carry pixie dust in my pocket, and learned quickly how to "hunt" characters. Disney World is a vacation spot, but to my friends and I - it was our playground. We took backstage tours, saw things behind the scenes that no one gets to see, and learned all about the magic that makes Disney what it is.

I spent days and nights on the beach, drove my car all over the state of Florida, and did some really crazy [and stupid] things with my friends. We watched tons of movies, ate lots of food, and played wayy too much Monopoly. While most people were sleeping - that's when our lives came alive. We worked all day and played all night - taking midnight drives to the beach, thinking we owned Wal-Mart at 2am, and raiding IHOP in the wee hours of the morning.

Florida was awesome. It was hot, sunny, and generally just beautiful. I missed my family & friends back home and ached for Derrick, but my time was so full that I had very little time to actually dwell on missing them.

I think I spent more money on plane tickets than I spent on food - the 4 times I flew north to visit my family over those 8 months.

And, as if those 8 months weren't enough to be the highlight of my year, then Derrick flew down to bring me home. And on August 15, we got engaged.

I honestly didn't think anything could top my experience at Disney World - how could one moment be better than 8 months spent in the "happiest place on earth" ? Well, I'm not sure how that worked - but it did.

But, enough words - on to photos ! My photography grew by leaps and bounds in 2009. I had my first job as a professional photographer - shooting for 3 months at Disney World. And when I came home, I also shot my first wedding solo! I still have so much to learn, but I'm so excited for 2010 and all the new opportunities it brings!

And without further ado - I present a few of my favorite photos from 2009 !!

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