Friday, April 20, 2012

a NEW baby

Derrick has this way..
This way of talking me into buying things.
Things that I really want.
Things that I really need.
Things that I think I can "get by" without.

Every time I book a wedding and begin preparing for it, he asks me a question that cuts me to the heart: "What are you going to do for a back-up camera?"
I have borrowed cameras and more often than not I have simply gambled and gone without a back-up.
It makes me nervous - like chewing my nails until they bleed nervous - and it makes me anxious the whole day that something might happen to my camera. Nothing ever has, thank you God! But I still have that fear.

So, I have a wedding or two quickly approaching and he asked me: What did I want to do to invest in my business this year? And is there anything I wanted to do before my first wedding of the year rolls around?
And of course, he brought up the question of back-up gear.

Okay, I know I know, shooting without a back-up is extremely dangerous - like climbing a rock-wall without ropes & gear. But I haven't had the money or resources to buy a "back-up". And besides, if I was going to buy another camera, it wasn't going to be a lesser quality one, I wanted to upgrade and let my current camera become my back-up.

Well, we took the leap.
We made the investment.
And I am soo proud to be the new owner of a Canon 5D MarkII.

This camera is heaven in a little black box :) I'm totally in love.
And I cannot wait to test it and stretch it and play with it this weekend as we go away on our anniversary adventure :D
Yes, our anniversary is right around the corner!! More on that to come :D

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  1. yay!! so excited for you!!! That's amazing! Hope you enjoy your wonderful new "baby" and i hope you have an AMAZING anniversary!!