Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maui [Pet Photography, Waverly, NY]

Dogs have always been a super important part of my family.
When I was born, it was into a family of a Mom & a Dad & 2 dogs - Reo & Zeke.
Then there was Tanner, who decided I was the only important member of the family and who was the rebellious one.
Then came Susie & Buster - who are still holding the family together.

When D & I got married, we knew we wanted a dog but we wanted to get "settled" first - which is when Abby fell into our laps - at the most unpredictable and perfect time :)

So, to say I've always been a "dog" person would be an understatement. Not even getting bit by a Great Dane when I was about 7 years old could deter me from loving dogs. So when Marci contacted me about photographing her dog Maui, I knew this was something I couldn't pass up!

Here's the deal: photographing a dog is wayy different than photographing people - it's so much fun! Maui is such a character - and if you didn't grow up around dogs you might think I'm crazy, but dogs really do have their own personalities that set them apart from other dogs! If you don't believe me, I can tell you that Maui's middle name is "smiley" and that fits her personality perfectly - see for yourself!

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