Tuesday, March 25, 2008

9 today.. 19 tomorrow..

i took emma to courtney's birthday party this morning.. it was em's first time ice skating and she was AMAZING.. (btw.. the title of the post comes from what she kept saying all day long "well kara you know i'm 9 today but i'll be 19 tomorrow" then she'd run off.. hehe)
isn't she gorgeous tho'?

yeah.. i told you she was gorgeous..

so.. we started out close to the wall.. (i haven't been ice skating in YEARS either.. lol so it was as much for her sake as it was for mine that we started out along the wall)

here's the OTHER emma.. the birthday girl's sister emma.. (btw.. i used to babysit for the birthday girl's family very regularly for a long time.. so these kids are like my family)

here's charity !! the birthday girl's oldest sister.. who is also now taller than i am.. the stinker..

mrs. curren had the area all decorated up so cute !

the birthday girl herself.. courtney :)

haha this is laura (the birthday girl's youngest sister).. her hair was absolutely hysterical.. it was sticking up EVERYWHERE..

who could resist THAT face? she could get away with murder !

anndd here's becca ! one of the OTHER sisters of the birthday girl..

so.. emma really got the hang of it after a while and was cruising around pretty good..

see? no where close to the wall..

wow.. it doesn't look like there's anyone else on the ice.. lol

my skates..

annd here's a video i took.. i'm so talented.. what can i say? i can ice skate and video at the same time.. lol oh and that fall? is totally fake.. :)

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