Saturday, March 22, 2008

KFC manager

since they were shot-handed tonight.. i went in to work help out and i'm TOTALLY glad i did.. it just so happened that all 3 of us manager trainees were there tonight.. so before fred (the RGM) left.. he called us all into the office.. (no we didn't all fit) and gave us all "the speech"-- you know which one.. the "when you put on this uniform.." yeah.. that speech.. and then after brent & nick left.. i got an EXTRA speech.. b/c fred seems to think that i'm going to take the most crap for being in management training.. so he just warned me of it and told me to be the "better person" and everyone will get over it soon enough.. (dory and i already had that talk.. so i was already prepared..)
couldn't resist takin' some pictures to show it off :)

i totally feel like some punk rocker with my black pants.. black shirt.. and half-tie.. lol if only i could wear my studded belt to work .. it would totally complete the look :)

practicing the annoyed "you did what?!" look.. lol.. no not really.. :)

close up..

its sweet.. dory and i get the red hats.. and all the guys (fred, tray, john, brent, and nick) all have black hats.. dory & i are the SPECIAL ladies of KFC :)

so.. now that the 3 of us have our uniforms.. its time for us to get down to work and actually get knee deep in management training.. i can't wait !

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