Wednesday, September 10, 2008

double date

since my parents are away on a cruise this week.. it worked out that amy & emma were with a friend on sunday.. and ellen went with my grandma to a fashion show.. and so i was left with only 2 children to look after : ruby & steve..

so of course.. since there were only 3 of us we had the spend the afternoon wisely :) it started out at mcdonalds for lunch..

chowin' down..

yeah.. he's my favorite brother alright =D

then when we got home.. we played for a bit.. and then got down to some business of making cookies..

they were big helpers in wanting to do every single little step in the cookie baking process..

yes ladies.. i have him trained very well :)

haha but we had an awesome afternoon just the 3 of us.. it never ever works out that its just me and my 2 youngest siblings alone.. so we made the best of our time and had a ball =D

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