Sunday, September 21, 2008

my best friend is old :)

my best friend's actual birthday is september 23.. however.. her hubby planned out a surprise party for her that occurred yesterday :) she's so smart tho' that she knew that something was up -- she just didn't know what.. and she was shocked to find us all in her apartment waiting for her :)

i love this girl !!

so i learned something new.. she loves balloons !! i never knew this until yesterday.. yeah i know.. i'm a terrible best friend.. but now i know :)

haha this is a typical naomi's confused face :) hehe i love it !

blowin' out those candles.. haha when we brought them out to her.. she goes "omigosh do i have to blow them ALL out in one breath?" haha as if she couldn't do it :)

eating that delicious cheesecake autumn & myriam made..

chillin' out in their apartment..

i love autumn !! she's so beautiful and mature for her age.. its totally not fair :)

haha so we also learned that we're so stinkin' competitive :) we played.. 5 rounds of catch-phrase.. and argued over the results almost every game -- it was guys vs. girls and of course the girls won.. which the guys hotly contested.. we laughed so hard tho' while playing that half the time the person trying to describe the word couldn't do their job correctly =D

gotta love that look naomi's givin' her "huney" :)

noah.. who could never seem to get a word he knew and he'd always burst out with "what is this?!" haha

elliot.. who always seemed to get the easiest words ! lol not fair :)

esther.. who was crazy excited that it was her big sister's birthday :) she's so adorable..

and of course.. best friends being crazy together like usual :)


  1. You know, you always put the worst pictures of me up :P

    I love you too.


  2. see.. i only put the worst pictures of you up.. so that your amazing beauty doesn't completely overdue my own homeliness..

    make sense ? if i put up all the pictures i have of you being absolutely gorgeous.. i'll look like some hideous beast..

    :) love you too..

  3. hey your wearing my shirt! kara!