Thursday, February 12, 2009

Magic Kingdom Cast ONLY

yesterday was the magic kingdom cast only preview of the newest parade.. they had it at 10 at night as all the guests had to be gone for the evening in order for this to work.. and so me & a bunch of people from work went.. it was SO much fun.. we arrived "early".. and watched "wishes" which is pretty much THE best thing at the magic kingdom.. my ABSOLUTE favorite thing there anyway :) i get the hear the music every single night that i work.. and it always makes me tear up.. and actually watching the fireworks that go along with that music ?? aww man.. my life is so complete :) haha

all images below are shot with my little canon point-and-shoot.. i CANNOT wait until i can get over there one night with my beastly camera and a tripod to shoot some "real" photos :) i was happy with how these ones turned out tho'.. and kinda surprised at how nice they are :)

now.. obviously the best place to see the fireworks are to stand on main street and watch them so they appear to be going off behind the castle.. we got there a little too late to get a good spot tho' so we stood off to the side.. oh well.. not too bad..

alright.. so the new parade !! omigosh its so fun !! we all stood around what's called the "castle hub" which is this huge circle right in front of the castle.. and its part of all of the parade routes.. but what is different about this parade.. well.. you'll see :)

a little bit off.. but oh well.. :) the farthest back is aimee.. then me.. then we barely got jackie's head in there with rebecca holding my camera and the huge cheesy smile ! LOL

chip & dale !!

mickey mouse !! && minnie !!

goofy & donald :)

baloo & king louie :)

so okay.. what makes this parade absolutely amazing.. is they stop all of the floats around the castle hub.. and all of the characters get down OFF the floats.. and invite EVERYONE out into the street.. to dance with them !! AH !

haha woody & jessie were there too :)

i believe this is dale at the beginning of the congo line !! omigosh it was so much fun tho' !! b/c the people who actually dance in the parade stand up on the floats then and direct everyone how to dance.. so its all "organized chaos" haha.. SO much fun tho'.. the music is AMAZING.. as disney music usually is.. omigosh.. we had so much fun !!

so then.. they force everyone back up onto the sidewalks.. and the floats all leave :(

haha yes the incredibles have a part in this parade too :)

and they shoot streamers off at the end too !! this is santana & adam.. 2 other people i work with :) ahh.. we had so much fun.. and now the parade is on main street and around the castle hub every day 3 times a day :) if you come to disney anytime while they still have this parade.. you definitely have to see it.. its amazing !!


  1. i think the pictures turned out really nice!!

  2. I agree w/ Mrs. Eichelberger! looks like fun :):)

  3. oops that was me amy lol!! but mom said the same thing!! kara wasn't that the camera that you got off of ebay for like 40 bucks?

  4. ok, i agree w/ amy, or whoever is posting on Mrs. Eichelberger's account :)