Saturday, January 31, 2009

a day off

on wednesday, both me & my roommate amber had the day off.. so we went to check out disney's boardwalk.. and then rode the boat from there into epcot :)

it threatened to rain when we first got there.. but it cleared up after a little while and turned into a beautiful day !

so all around the boardwalk are hotels.. and they all are simply beautiful.. i mean.. true to disney nature everything is themed and is so cool..

i loved this !! i want a hammock on a beach someday :)

we just walked all around.. and happened to find the mini-golf place we get 50% off at.. lol

like i said.. then we headed over to epcot .. since it is like right next door..

we met donald =D

had dinner in mexico.. it was SO good..

then walked over to france and got dessert.. o.mi.soul.. it was incredible..

we also met up with belle while in france !

haha then we were walking around.. who knows where.. and we walked past this little shop.. and decided randomly to go in.. and they had all sorts of peter rabbit stuff.. and we're walking thru the shop.. and get to the back.. and there are pooh, eeyore, and tigger !! lol completely random.. but very cool !

and walking back to the car.. the sunset was incredible !!


  1. mmmmmmm... i wish i lived there...

  2. I'm with abby.
    So when am i coming?!

  3. yeah me to!!
    i get to go before naomi!!
    and before abby!! :P

  4. i want a hammock on the beach to!!

  5. haha you road the boat?! What is that supposed to mean? :P

  6. it means they rode a boat!! lol!! they got on it and rode from one place to another!! :D

  7. I know what it means... I was just teasing her because she spelled it wrong :P

  8. haha what's really funny ?? is i read what naomi wrote.. and went "wow.. where did i write that?" -- went up and read the beginning of MY post and totally did not catch it at all !! oops :) <3

  9. haha, Kara, you probably won't want to come back to rainy ol' Pittsburgh after living there for a while!!

  10. wait did she already change it cause i don't see any misspellings!?

  11. no i don't think i would want to come back either!!

  12. ohhhh i see how naomi spelled it! but i guess kara did change it!! lol!