Friday, January 9, 2009

my apartment -- the outside

so.. i already posted pictures of the inside of my apartment.. [which has already changed.. because we already re-arranged the living room.. and now my room has been decorated & made a bit more organized.. so i may post updated pictures sometime]'s the outside :)

our beautiful apartment door.. 2804 :)

just a cool shot i took.. lol there's nothing really super important in this picture you are missing.. :)

so.. we're in building 28.. and this is basically what all the buildings in vista look like..

the view out of our living room.. yes that's the pool [if you can tell]

then here's the pool that is right outside of our apartment.. its been a little too chilly to actually go for a swim.. but it looks really nice !!

annddd.. my car :) parked outside our apartment..


  1. hey not fair! can i come live w/ you!? i don't care if it's to cold to swim i would anaways!
    miss you!

  2. WOW... Looks... um... like, REALLY NICE!!!!! LOVE the car!!!!!