Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my new apartment !

its the start of 2009 :: the start of not only a new year but a new adventure for me.. i've finally arrived in disney world for my 5 month internship and i'm so excited to get started !!

and i know everyone back home is curious to find out what my new home [for the next 5 months at least] looks like :) i didn't get any outside photos today.. so.. we'll work on that tomorrow :) for right now.. here's the inside !

my bedroom.. mine's the black bed.. my roommate has the crazy polka-dots :)

looking from the other direction..

my half of our HUGE walk-in closet.. this thing is like amazing.. i love it !!

our bathroom.. right off our bedroom yes yes..

when you walk out of our bedroom.. you basically walk right into the living room [or else you'll walk into the closet if you don't turn to the left fast enough]

the other half of the living room.. my roommate brought the tv !

our cute little kitchen.. and as you can see.. we already need to take the garbage out =X

so we've got.. a microwave.. oven.. fridge.. && dishwasher !! YAY plus tons of pots & pans.. and all the other good stuff a kitchen needs..

standing in the hallway looking out into the living room.. the hallway leads back to the other 2 bedrooms and other bathroom.. but that's the other girls -- so it looks basically just like my room :)

tomorrow :: outside shots !!


  1. looks great! you are sooo organized, what a great trait that is! Love you! Mom

  2. hey miss you! i know it hasn't even been a week! who cares i'm allowed to miss my big sis! do you know if ur room mate is a christian? get some pics of her and u and ur other room mates! i want 2 c!!

  3. ps that was amy (me) who just commented