Sunday, December 6, 2009

.. the ceremony

I'm nearing the end of editing Alicia & Justin's wedding and I figured it was time to post some of my favorites from their ceremony.
I haven't been to many wedding ceremonies, but I doubt I'll ever attend another like this one. The format was just different - the second half was the traditional wedding service, but the first half was different: they had a time of worship & singing, then played a video proclaiming the gospel through mime, then Alicia and a few other ladies did a worship dance - and then the "traditional" section of the ceremony started.
I have to admit, when I first heard about their format, I was a little skeptical. This was a wedding and it just sounded strange to me. But - I truly did enjoy it !! It was different but in a good way and it all seemed to blend together beautifully. The gospel message was clearly proclaimed and Jesus was definitely the center of their ceremony.

Glancing over to see Justin for the first time :)

[I think this is one of my new favorites =D]

Toward the end of the ceremony, they asked anyone who felt led, to come forward to pray for Justin & Alicia and their new lives together. I loved how large a group of people got up to pray for them. It was so cool to see !!


I LOVED this shot I got during the portraits ! This is Justin's Dad & brothers - and Alicia gets major props for trusting me - and them - to be picked up by all these guys !! =D

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