Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the story in an image

I was going thru' photos this afternoon [surprised?] and I came across this one: and I realized, I never blogged about Naomi's baby showers !! Oh, I'm such a bad [almost] sister-in-law. But it seems silly to blog about them now: now that PJ is already born and almost 2 months old !

However, I couldn't resist this image: Isn't it so darling? No, Mom, sorry but I don't think it will fit you - although yes it will look adorable on your new baby =D

I just couldn't help it: I love this photo ! It tells so much of a story - the connection between new Mom & baby, the slight smile on her face tells how happy she is and the great anticipation on meeting this little one, and well gosh, its just so darling how could you NOT eat it all up? :)

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