Thursday, June 10, 2010

our wedding day :D

There is no better way to tell the story of our wedding day than through photos and videos.

Photos capture emotion - they freeze moments in time and allow your imagination the liberty to work it's magic. Seeing a photo opens your mind up to memories that were hidden - allowing you to relive moments and remember feelings.

Choosing a photographer was probably the easiest decision I had to make when it came to picking wedding vendors. I knew, even before I got engaged who I wanted to capture those memories.

Her name is Kristen Leigh and she was the person who introduced me to the wonders of the blogging world. Well, actually - that's a lie, because that award goes to my Mom - who one day about 2 years ago, forwarded me an email that had a link to Kristen's blog. She was just starting out and had photographed a wedding which was being passed around the homeschool community. My Mom saw it and thought I would enjoy looking at the pictures - and I've been enjoying looking at her pictures ever since !!

Through her I've found literally hundreds of other photography blogs, which I've narrowed down to a handful of my favorites that I visit on a regular basis.

So, Kristen was an obvious choice when I thought about the role of "wedding photographer" in my big day.

And she was nothing short of AMAZING. She came in and was totally like a long lost member of the family. She was laid back and fun and laughed with us all day. And, not only was she like having another awesome friend to hang out with, but she created some of the most fabulous photos !!

I still haven't seen all of the finished photos, but she posted a blog on Derrick and I here :

If you haven't seen it yet, well what are you waiting for ? It's fabulous and I love how she tells the story of our day :D

When we get all of our photos back (hopefully soon !! *crosses fingers*) I'll have to post some more of the highlights !!

Alright - so you still aren't satisfied with wedding stuff ??

haha that's cool - because I'm not either !!

We had 2 fabulous video men who were so generous to video our wedding for us. They did a FANTASTIC job - and from their recordings, I made several things: 1. a full DVD - everything that they video-taped (it's about 2 hours long) and 2. a wedding "extras" DVD - with a 10 minute highlight video, as well as a bloopers reel. We honestly have the most amazing group of friends ever and they were just as amazing on our wedding day celebrating with us as they are every other day when we're just hanging out. They made our day soo fun and I know I never stopped smiling or laughing the whole day long. So a HUGE shout-out goes to our bridal party who made our day especially wonderful (and thus: the bloopers reel) !!

And, you can see those "extras" here :D

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