Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GOAL #3 : second-shoot with a photographer i admire

Do you know where this is ?!

haha so - 2 weekends ago I had the amazing & incredible opportunity to second-shoot a wedding with MY wedding photographer !! The FABULOUS Kristen Leigh !!! I was basically in awe all day long - just trying to soak in all of her wisdom and creativity and new ideas.

And this is her amazing office/work area/meeting place ! I felt like a little kid who all his life has been told about this awesome place called Disney World - and has seen pictures and commercials and heard stories about how wonderful it was - and then finally gets to actually go there and SEE it !! haha :D I have seen photos of this room before - when she was putting it together and she'd post photos of it on her blog, but it was SO awesome to actually see it with my eyes !!

Kristen was soo wonderful to have photograph Derrick & I's wedding : it was like having an old friend show up with a fancy camera - and spending the day by her side as her assistant turned out the same way. I felt like I had met up with an old friend, and after some visiting and catching up - we went off to take some pictures of a BEAUTIFUL wedding !! I can't wait to blog some of those photos :D I took a lot tho' (just a hair under 14OO total!) so needless-to-say, it's taking me a while to go thru them all !

Kristen was fabulous though. I came away having learned so much !! I have tons of new ideas and things I want to try - and I can't wait to use all of these ideas in 2 weeks when I shoot Mitch & Larissa's wedding !!

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