Wednesday, July 21, 2010

E&E sneak peak

So - two things :

Like I said - a few weeks ago I had the iNCREDiBLE opportunity to shoot with my photography inspiration - the amazing Kristen Leigh - and I'm preparing a full blog-post about the whole day and how fabulous it was - but until I finish that : here's a little peak :D

Oh - the second thing ? E&E could be models :

Doesn't this just look like an ad for a new cologne ??
Like - if you just wear this new scent it will transform you into a hot young man with a hot young woman staring madly up into your eyes :D

Or maybe the new ad for Hollister - wedding edition :D
Like - they could blow this up HUGE and have it hanging on their wall and everyone would want to buy something because then they would look like this !!

I promise - it's exactly one of those things.

Oh, and because I can't help myself - here's another one :D

Lookout ! The full post is coming SOON !!

Annddd - remember M&L from their e-shoot a few weeks ago ?? Their big day is this weekend !! I can't WAIT !! She was giving me a little bit of a sneak preview today and it is going to be WAYY fabulous !! :D

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