Thursday, August 5, 2010

E&E Wedding (Gaithersburg, MD)

Because I'm DYiNG to show off some of M&L's wedding photos, I figured I better keep going in order and post some of E&E's wedding first :D The hard part was - trying to decide which photos to post !!

Kristen & I started the day off by splitting up and shooting the bride & groom getting ready.

Doesn't he look SO James Bond - like ? :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE little notes from brides to grooms before weddings !!

The ceremony site was GORGEOUS. I think I drooled a little bit when I first saw it.

The bridal party was FUN - and just like at my wedding - Kristen worked her magic & made everyone look super fantastic. I was so blessed to work with her and learned SO much about working with people (and specifically bridal parties) !!

The bride & groom were amazing. Soo in love. As Kristen & I walked around doing some portraits, they told us their story : how they met, how they fell in love, and how their wedding day came to be. They told their story like they had rehearsed it - they complemented each other perfectly. It was beautiful.

The bridal party was fun - remember? And they planned such a cool entrance to the party ! Everyone was surprised and it definitely was an awesome way to kick off a great night !

Gotta love toasts by the little brother :D

And first dance moments :D They were soo happy - can't you tell ?

Details ..

The cake was BEAUTIFUL ! So delicate !!

Somehow, Kristen got E&E to leave their awesome party behind for a few minutes to soak up the GLORiOUS sunshine -

Thank you, Kristen, for an AMAZiNG day !! I loved every second of it and learned a TON ! You're amazing :D

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