Sunday, August 15, 2010

M&L WEDDING sneak peak !! :D

I'm SO excited to finally reveal some of M&L's wedding photos !!

*insert virtual squeal here* :D

I must say, I had a BLAST at their wedding !! They are totally laid back and easy-going people, and even when the whole morning turned from one disaster into another - they never lost sight of one thing : that this was the day that they were finally marrying their best friend. It was so exciting to see this couple who has been engaged for SO long finally tie the knot and now be husband and wife :D

But before I say anything else, this is just a sneak preview of their day - a full post will be coming soon !! And I'll save all my other words for then !

Yeah - who doesn't love when the little people in the bridal party fall asleep during the ceremony ? :D

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