Monday, February 6, 2012

the war

i don't know about you, but every day when i come home i am instantly placed on the front lines of a war.
it's a horrible, bloody war that i wish i could say i'm on the winning side of: but i fear one day i may lose this war.

okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, let me back up and tell a story that is more truthful:
every day i know i'm in a war, but that doesn't mean i have the gumption to fight every day.
i mean, i could fight it every day, i could spend several hours fighting, but some days i pretend like this war isn't going on in my house and i simply close my eyes whenever i'm around the really bad war-zones.

what is this war? it's the war that goes on between me & the dust bunnies.

they are awful, strategic little buggers who love to hide out in the most hard to reach and sometimes [when they get really brave] the most noticeable places-- just because they know i'll be too lazy to clean them up
because i could clean them up literally

however, today i won a battle - a victory! yahoo!!

before work this morning, i found one of their MAIN hiding places 
- the ceiling fan!
duh duh duhhhhhhh ..
and i savagely eradicated every last one of the little varmits [and some big ones too] that were taking refuge there!

ahhhh i felt so good about myself and my war-fighting skills. 
and because who wants to see a picture of my dust bunnies, here's a wayy cuter picture of my abby :)

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