Saturday, February 4, 2012

the new NEW blog

what can i say? life is a work in progress :)
sometimes we nail it on the head,
and sometimes we can't figure out where in the world we went wrong.

unfortunately for my pretty like blog, when i did it's remodel at the beginning of 2012, it ended up in the what in the world went wrong category.

i have no clue where i got off the path.
i started off so good!
i had my pinterest inspiration board.
my doodles of blog layouts.
my color scheme.
everything was lined up perfectly to be a grand-slam out of the park.

and somewhere along the line i totally lost sight of my vision and ended up barely making it to first base.

and for the last month i have agonized over my failure, ending today with my lying on the couch moaning about it to derrick.
moaning because i hadn't blogged in so long, moaning because i couldn't stand to look at what my blog had turned into.

well, i'm proud to say, i'm finally back on track :)
i can't say that i'm completely finished - i still have more ideas up in my head that i want to carry out, but for now, i need to go do something else - before i end up back off the path again.

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