Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miss Savannah [6 month portraits, Sayre, PA]

"I just love how her she smiles with her whole face." - Savannah's Mom
I couldn't have summed up my evening photo-adventure any better. 
If you are ever having a bad day - are kind of down in the dumps, all you need to do is go visit this little girl because she will brighten your darkest of days in an instant with her enormous grin :)

And that ginormous smile equally houses a giant curiosity. At 6 months old, Miss Savannah wants to touch and examine and then eat most everything she comes in contact with - especially grass! She has a pocket-full of cute noises including giggles and snorts and her mama thinks that she has decided that she is going to walk before she crawls!

It's so hard to believe that just a few short months ago, we did baby pictures - time has sure flown by.

Her big sister was along for the evening and so we couldn't resist getting some photos of the sisters together!! They are wayy too cute!

Did I mention that her mama is super creative? She hand-made Miss Savannah's tu-tu!! It is soo adorable!!

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