Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ellen [anytime photos, Sayre, PA]

She made me a big sister.
We shared a bedroom and slept in bunk-beds.
She blamed me for everything and for some reason my Mom always seemed to believe her.
She was in love with Orlando Bloom while I was in love with Elijah Wood.
Once, I pushed her down the steps and she broke her wrist.
She's the one who laughs at everything and makes you want to laugh with her.
She can sit down at a piano and ticker away forever - no sheet music - no problem.
Ahh to be little girls again :)

My sister Ellen is fierce.
She's a fierce photographer. A fierce student. A fierce worker. A fierce survivor.
She's fiercely amazing :)

I remember staying home from work one day because she was having brain surgery. I was so scared for my lil sis. I remember laying in bed that morning, squeezing my eyes tightly shut and praying my heart out for her. I couldn't imagine going thru such an ordeal myself and here she was being so brave.

She's still brave.

She came and visited me last week and we had an amazing time. It went way too fast.
And both being photographers, we had to do some shooting - it was a requirement.
Check out how fierce she is :)

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