Sunday, December 16, 2007

christmas pictures

the family Christmas picture.. b/c the one we took down at the lake was too dark.. >.<

yeah.. she's gotta be the cutest thing ever !!

i had the hardest time getting a decent picture of amy.. this one isn't even very good.. idk.. she has lazy eyes like i do.. so the ones that she is smiling nicely in--her eyes are half closed.. but when she made sure to keep her eyes open.. her smile wasn't as nice.. UGH

now.. to all the crazy people who say that ruby looks like ME? look at that precious face.. those huge blue eyes.. that sweet innocent smile.. and tell me that there is no way that gorgeous girl could ever grow up to be anything but absolutely gorgeous !!

haha ruby LOVES to pose.. its SO funny !

this is a reenactment of a picture that my parents have of me when i was this age.. sitting on THAT horse.. in front of our Christmas tree at the other house.. so i took this one of ruby so we could compare :)

nice socks huh? lol daddy took this one.. trying to get a decent picture to replace the old picture i have hanging over the piano.. i'm due for a new one.. but i don't like any of the pictures that we take.. >.<>

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