Saturday, December 8, 2007

cubbies !

these pictures were taken the night of our first snow storm.. so half of the cubbies (yes we only have 4) were not there that night.. but we had fun with the two girlies anyway !!

hey.. what's my mother doing in cubbies? she helps in T&T.. haha.. i like this picture of her tho'.. :)

lesson time..

i love how.. even tho' there were only 2 of them.. they both sang their little hearts out.. it was SO cute !!

future bestest friends.. keepers of secrets.. sleepover buddies.. talk on the phone and go shoppin' together girls.. and maid of honor at eachother's weddings.. how's THAT for a peek into brooke and abby's future? lol

the nightly visit from zac to tell his mom how many verses he said :)

i love how abby looks at her mom while she's teaching..

yes.. there is a reason we do not give brooke scissors often.. o.O

haha look at those big eyes..

SAM !! the cutest little cubbie-wanna-be..

he's got big eyes.. just like this sister..

idk how ANYONE could resist that smile.. :)

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