Tuesday, December 18, 2007


so i came home from work this afternoon to find an empty house.. what better to do in an empty house than play with my camera? i only had a space of about 10 minutes before my family arrived home.. but in those 10 minutes i took the tips on how to photograph christmas tree ornaments from http://www.merakohblog.com/ and decided to try it out.. of course.. my batteries died just as i was finally gettin' it right.. but while i recharge.. i wanted to write down my "recipe" so i won't forget for next year..

kara's recipe for photographing christmas tree ornaments:
ISO : 50
Shutter Speed : 2'
Aperture : 2.8
White Balance : auto

pictures taken in the living room about 4pm.. with only the christmas tree lights on.. i imagine if i had other lights on in the room.. i would have to lower the shutter speed and/or ISO.. i also used the 2 second timer.. resting my camera on something steady instead of holding it..

also.. there was no flash involved in these pictures at all.. which i think is absolutely amazing.. and very cool b/c the flash gives such harsh light.. and while it will light up the object closest to the lense nicely sometimes.. it also makes the background very very dark.. and so extending the time that the shutter is held open.. allowing more light in.. makes the picture much lighter.. even in a dark room without using a flash !! haha i think that's so cool.. :)

here are some of the results i got before my batteries decided to die on me.. i want to take some more later on tonight.. now that i finally figured out how to do it !!

i also really love how.. in the last two pictures.. the camera is clearly focused on the ornament.. and then the background is fuzzy.. that's thanks to the aperture being very low.. i LOVE how that looks !!

notice.. in the first of the top two pictures how the color is "warmer" or more yellow than in the second of the first two pictures.. the first of the pair is the photo straight out of the camera with no editing.. the second of the pair i simply removed some of the saturation.. for a "cleaner" white..

the bottom two are an example of what i wanted and was finally figuring out when my camera died.. >.<


kara's recipe for photographing the christmas tree:

ISO : 50
Shutter Speed : 13'
Aperture : 8.0
White Balance : whatever the lightbulb is.. lol

*jumps up and down* i also just .. like JUST .. found out that my camera shoots RAW !! i have absolutely NO idea what that means .. ?! but all of the photography websites talk about it.. and i always skipped over those parts b/c i didn't think my camera did that.. i guess i better look into it !! lol

psst.. this tiny little picture does the tree absolutely no justice.. you gotta click on it to make it bigger.. then you get a better idea of what my photograph really looks like.. :)

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