Saturday, October 27, 2012

Katie + Ian [Towanda, PA, Wedding Photographer]

I was in the room where everything was laid out - all the details, the something old's & something blue's - and I loved being able to hear everyone arrive. Not because folks were overly loud and obnoxious coming in, but because every time the door opened, it produced a new level of happiness: squealing and giggling and "omigosh-it's-finally-here!!"-ing.

With every bridesmaid and family member who arrived at Katie's parent's house to help with the day's preparations, the happiness level went up a notch. Nothing could dull anyone's happiness, not the rain outside or the button missing off of Dad's tux. Everyone was on the same page - making this day the happiest day of Katie & Ian's lives.

And, I truly believe it was.

Katie & Ian - I am overwhelmingly blessed to have been a part of your wedding day. It was beautiful and wonderful and oh so lovely and I walked away with a good dose of happy that can only come from two people who truly love each other and are meant to be.

The day began in Katie's parent's home. Everything was picture perfect and did I mention, happy? :) Katie's Mom did her make-up for the day and it was so special - they giggled like two little girls the whole time :)

Before the wedding day, we had discussed a location to take portraits, and Katie & Ian really had their hearts set on going up to the Marie Antoinette Overlook. It is an amazing location but with it raining all morning, we decided to play it by ear to see if we should make the drive up the mountain or not. By golly, if we didn't finish up with family portraits and the sun decided to come out - thank you sweet baby Jesus!

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