Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Savannah + Cousins [Milan, PA, Portrait Photographer]

She is fascinated by everything.
Everything needs to be picked up by her pudgy fingers.
Turned over and over and examined thoroughly.
And then everything needs tasted by being popped into her smiling lips.
We laughed the whole morning at Savannah's antics. She was eating leaves, hay, and even the pumpkins.

Oh and those pony-tails? I want them.

She wanted to show off her standing skills, but then wanted to show off her more polished crawling skills. I love that her Mama is laid back enough to let her little girl be herself - she wasn't worried about her getting too dirty or eating the pumpkins. And that gave me the perfect opportunity for natural, organic smiles and giggles!

Savannah's Mama always has me set up with the perfect set of props when I arrive. Seriously. It's like being a kid in a candy store, I arrive and get to play with all of the "toys" - it's perfectly delicious! 

While we were out playing, a few of Savannah's cousins came out to play too! How fun! Their relationships are so cute - they definitely love each other :)
[gotta love Savannah's dirty knees!! hehe]

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