Friday, February 15, 2008


wednesday night instead of staying in cubbies where i normally help.. i roamed from group to group because so many adults were out with sick kids or sick themselves..

abbey and brooke..


hehe take a good look at those faces.. they are going to be famous someday.. the one in the middle is aspiring to become president.. and he totally could too..

the girls.. well.. some of them..

nick wouldn't let me take his picture.. hmm.. wonder why?

too cool..

haha this picture is totally going on a campaign poster someday !! lol

ashley.. joanna.. and ellen..

haha you cannot beat the look on matt's face !

uh oh.. the cool guys are in trouble..

tug-of-war ! i'm SO glad i was taking pictures.. lol

then the girls (and brandon) decided to take on andrew.. hehe

show off.. pfft.. i can do that too.. in my dreams anyway..

now.. they WERE studying for bible quizzing.. but when i walked in they introduced themselves as "the old man who sits on mt. everest"..

and "the black preacher man" haha i didn't ask.. they're crazy..

amy and abby..

isn't she the CUTEST?

okay okay.. i was wrong.. RUBY is the cutest.. and no i'm not just saying that because she is my sister..

handsome stuff..

yeah sam.. i'd be scared too.. o.O

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